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18 to 44 Place Brush Z230MR-2 Microcentrifuge

18 to 44 Place Brush Z230MR-2 MicrocentrifugeThe Z230MR-2 microcentrifuge is designed for high or low speed centrifugation of micro samples in tubes ranging from 250µl to 2.0ml. With individual adapters many other smaller tube sizes can be used.The variable speed capability means that the Z230MR-2 can be used not only for typical research/DNA applications, but also for cytological, plasma, and serum applications.

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Brush-less 24 place Z200MH Microcentrifuge

Brush-less 24 place Z200MH MicrocentrifugeWith its 18 and 24 place angle rotos, the Z200MH accomodates tubes up to 2.0ml. The brushless induction drive motor provides high speeds up to 14,000rpm (16,060 x g), is extremely quiet, and requires no maintenance.

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Compact brush-less Universal Z232 Centrifuge

Compact brush-less Universal Z232 CentrifugeThe Hermle Z232 is a compact benchtop model for centrifuging 50ml tubes and many other tube sizes. Supplied with rotor and adapters, the Z232 is truly a complete centrifuge. The standard 6 place angle rotor accepts 50ml conical and 50ml round bottom tubes directly - no need for adapters, carriers, etc. However, the Z232 was designed to spin a variety of different tube sizes. It is supplied with convenient adapters that you simply insert into the rotor, allowing many smaller tubes to be centrifuged in the same rotor. Included as standard equipment are adapters; for 15ml, 16x100mm, 13x100mm and 12x75mm tubes. This unique rotor and adapter package allows nearly every type of tube in your laboratory to be quickly accommodated, without ever changing the rotor!

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Dy NA Centrifugal Evaporator

Dy NA Centrifugal EvaporatorRapid, Efficient Drying of DNA, RNA, Methanol/Water Mixtures, and Buffer Solutions


DyNA Vap is a compact, integrated system designed to meet the needs of the molecular biology laboratory. This centrifugal evaporation system rapidly and efficiently dries a large number of small samples while requiring a minimal amount of bench space.



  • Fully Integrated Benchtop System
  • High Capacity Rotor
  • Seamless, Corrosion Resistant Chamber
  • Maintenance Free, Teflon Membrane Pump


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Economy Brush Z180M Microcentrifuge

Economy Brush Z180M MicrocentrifugeThe Hermle Z180M compact microcentrifuge is designed for high or low speed centrifugation of microsamples. Available with an 18 or 24-place rotor, the Z180M will accept tubes from 200µl to 2.0ml. The Z180M is now also available with a 12-place swing-out rotor.

Speeds from 4,000rpm to 14,000rpm (maximum 13,000rpm with 24-place rotor) are easily and accurately selected with the continuously variable control knob. The broad speed range and high g-force make the Z180M valuable for research/DNA applications as well as cytological, plasma, and serum applications.

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EZ-8 Sample Preparation System

EZ-8 Sample Preparation SystemThe new EZ-8 Strip Tubes allow applications such as DNA mini-preps to be performed faster and more efficiently. The strip of eight 1.5ml tubes and specially designed microcentrifuge rotor make every step of the process, from pipetting reagents, to loading a centrifuge rotor, less time consuming.


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High Speed Z382/Z382 Universal Centrifuge

High Speed Z382/Z382 Universal CentrifugeThe Hermle Z382 series centrifuges are designed for high speed performance & swing-out rotor applications with the abililty to accommodate a large variety of different size tubes. Its brushless induction drive motor can reach 17,000 rpm and over 28,000 x g with selected rotors. The Z382 accommodates tubes from 0.4ml to 250ml while utilizing as many as fourteen different optional rotors. An easy to read digital display allows you to view all the operating parameters such as speed (rpm), g-value (RCF), timer, brake intensity, and temperature. The expanded temperature range permits you to go as low as -10°C and up to 40°C.

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Low Speed Brush Z230A Centrifuge

Low Speed Brush Z230A CentrifugeThe model Z230A, with the standard 8 x 15 ml (17mm) angle rotor, is ideal for a variety of clinical applications, including sedimentation of urine and blood samples. Its compact dimensions and economical price have made it one of our most popular general purpose centrifuges. With adapters, many other tube sizes can be centrifuged without ever having to change the rotor.
The operating speed of the Z230A can be steplessly pre-selected between 500 and 5,000rpm via the speed control knob. Run times between 1 and 60 minutes can be selected using the timer knob. The electronic lid locking system prevents the lid from being opened until the rotor has come to a complete stop. With its advanced, modular electronics and heavy gauge steel construction, the Hermle Z230A is stable during imbalance, quiet in operation, and built to last

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Mini Variable Speed Microcentrifuge

Mini Variable Speed Microcentrifuge Model 8454 is a variable speed microcentrifuge with a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm at 5,600 x g. The space-saving design with Lexan polycarbonate cabinet makes it lightweight and easily moved from workstation to cold room, to refrigerator. Features microprocessor controlled 10 minute timer with audible time-up signal, momentary spin button, and automatic shut-off when lid is opened.

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MTI MiniFuge

MTI MiniFuge

  • 6000rpm/2000 x g
  • 6 inch x 6 inch footprint
  • Starts and stops in seconds
  • Interchangeable rotors
  • Two rotors included for standard 1.5/2.0ml or PCR strip tubes. Adapters for 0.5 and 0.4ml also included.
  • On/off switch allows user to stop rotor before opening lid - for improved safety.
  • New hinge, with stainless steel pin is virtually indestructible.
  • Improved lid release is easy to work yet durable.

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Personal Mini Microcentrifuges

Personal Mini MicrocentrifugesNow You Have A Choice!

  • Easy operation (No Switches to mess with)
  • Simply close the polycarbonate lid to start and press the plastic tab to open
  • Starts and stops in seconds
  • Maximum centrifuge speed 6400 rpm and 2000 (g) ref.
  • Only five inches in diameter!
  • Also available in 220v/50hz.; 220v unit is CE approved

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Spectrafuge 7M Low Speed Microcentrifuge

Spectrafuge 7M Low Speed Microcentrifuge1,000 - 10,000 RPM


Special Applications:
Processing micro filtration devices and for basic cell separations.


  • Purify & desalt peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, DNA oligonucleotides, DNA, and RNA.
  • Clean up labeling and PCR reactions.
  • Isolate DNA from agarose gel slices.
  • Separate proteins, oligonucleotides, and RNA from acrylamide gels.
  • Sample preparation for HPLC analysis.

Works well with: Milipore, Pall-Gelman, Schleicher & Schuell, Sartorious/Viva Science, & Whatman to name a few.

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Spectrafuge Brush-less 18 place Microcentrifuge

Spectrafuge Brush-less 18 place MicrocentrifugeThe Spectrafuge is powered by a maintenance-free brushless motor. There are no brushes to change and no carbon dust emissions. This high performance motor is extremely quiet and generates a minimal amount of heat while running. It also allows for exceptionally fast acceleration and deceleration of the rotor.

The unique ducting system in the Spectrafuge supplies a continuous flow of ambient air to the rotor chamber. This airflow keeps the rotor cool and prevents significant rises in sample temperature. For applications requiring conditions below ambient, the Spectrafuge can be used in refrigerated environments.

The Spectrafuge is supplied complete with an 18-place angle rotor for microtubes which is easily removed for cleaning and autoclaving. The rotor accepts a wide variety of microtubes, including those with screw caps and skirted bottoms. Smaller tubes (200µl to 500µl) are accommodated with the available adapters.

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Table-Top Medium Volume Z300 Centrifuge

Table-Top Medium Volume Z300 CentrifugeThe Z300 is a versatile centrifuge which accommodates both swing-out and fixed angle rotors and can process many different tube sizes. Versatility along with high speed capabilities makes the Z300 an ideal centrifuge for routine clinical and research applications.


  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • Momentary button for short runs with digital display of time in sec.
  • Maintenance-free induction drive motor
  • ABS plastic housing, shock and chemical resistant
  • Lid lock system
  • Automatic imbalance indication with safety cut-off
  • Manufactured according to international safety standards (IEC 1010)

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Top of Line Z233M-2/Z233MK-2 Microcentrifuge

Top of Line Z233M-2/Z233MK-2 MicrocentrifugeBoth the Z233M-2 and Z233MK-2 microcentrifuges share nearly identical design and performance characteristics - the Z233M-2 is air-cooled while the Z233MK-2 is refrigerated.

Both models are equipped with a user-friendly, microprocessor based control panel. The easy-to-use microprocessor panel with turn knobs allows quick selection of operating parameters, such as speed or RCF and acceleration/deceleration rates. On the refrigerated Z233MK-2, the control panel includes a digital temperature control and display (-10°C to +40°C).

For momentary centrifugation, both models are equipped with a "quick" key. When the "quick" key is pressed, the centrifuge accelerates up to the preset speed and displays elapsed seconds on the digital LED. A maintenance free induction drive guarantees smooth operation and an extremely low noise level. Both models feature a brushless induction motor and computer designed aerodynamics. At maximum speed the noise level is below 60dB.

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Z200A Low Speed Centrifuge

Z200A Low Speed CentrifugeThe Z200A microcentrifuge accepts up to 12 x 15ml conical or round bottom tubes. Adapters are available for tubes with smaller dimensions. For larger volumes, the Z200A accomodates an angle rotor for 6 x 50ml conical and round bottom tubes. There is also a 6 x 15ml (13 x 75mm) swing-out rotor available.



  • Microprocessor control
  • Covered DC-motor
  • ABS plastic housing, shock and chemical resistant
  • Lid lock system
  • Automatic imbalance indication with safety cut-off
  • Manufactured according to international safety standards (IEC 1010)

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Z323/Z323K Centrifuge

Z323/Z323K CentrifugeTwo high performance centrifuges that offer a wide range of accessories; Hermle Z323 (air-cooled) and Z323K (refrigerated). Both models are equipped with a user-friendly, microprocessor based control panel which, although it displays all parameters digitally, utilizes easy to use knobs to control speed, time, braking power and temperature. A brushless induction drive guarantees smooth, quiet operation, eliminates carbon dust residue and is virtually maintenance free. It also allows for shorter acceleration and deceleration times, which are preprogrammed for each rotor.

Braking power can be adjusted to any of ten available intensity levels, permitting the gradual deceleration required to protect fragile samples from accidental re-suspension. Up to ten programs can be stored in memory, allowing routine runs to be repeated easily, quickly, and precisely.

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Z400/Z400K Medium Speed & Volume Universal Centrifuge

Z400/Z400K Medium Speed & Volume Universal CentrifugeThe Ultimate in Versatility
The Z400 accommodates a large variety of tubes, including all common blood collecting systems. High capacity swing out rotors, fixed angle rotors, and many racks and adapters provide versatility for nearly every application. Engineered for long life and with special attention to safety features, all functions are microprocessor controlled. The Z400 has an automatic imbalance cut-off circuit, an electronic lid lock and a maintenance free induction drive motor. The Z400 includes an automatically controlled brake force with soft stop.

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Momentary button for short runs-display of running time in seconds
  • Rotor identification
  • Maintenance - free induction drive motor

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MIDSCI is a full-service provider of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, with an emphasis on life science and Biotechnology research. In addition to Tissue Cell Culture Plastics for Tissue Cell Culture work, we also have a complete line of related products for Tissue Cell Culture such as Centrifuges, Cryogenics, Filtration, Medias, Refrigerators, Freezers, Water-Jacketed Incubators, Serum, ELISA/Immuno/AssayEIA/RIA Microplates, Hoods, Shakers, Gloves, Pipet Aids, basically most any product for Tissue Cell Culture.


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