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Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators by CEDCO

Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators by CEDCOThe CEDCO Standard & Advanced Series CO2 incubators provide the user with high quality, reliable, research grade incubators. These incubators feature proportional microprocessor control of temperature and CO2 while humidification is achieved through natural evaporation. A 25mm access port accommodates through-wall operation of electrical equipment within the chamber and a tempered glass viewing door permits the viewing of samples inside the chamber without the loss of control conditions. The functions of temperature and CO2 are displayed digitally on large, easy to read, LED displays, and all control parameters, including calibration, can be accessed from the front mounted touchpad control panel.

In addition to being microprocessor controlled, these incubators feature triple-wall construction with an 18 gallon waterjacket that completely surrounds 5 sides of the incubator chamber. Over this, a secondary layer of high density insulation has been added to the side walls. This design offers superb temperature stability and, even more importantly, virtually eliminates the possibility of any cold spots within the incubator chamber which can result in condensation, a primary source of contamination. Automatically controlled heated doors also help eliminate condensation and an audio/visual safety alarm monitors gas, temperature, and water level fluctuations.


The CEDCO Advanced Series units also feature a Parallel Printer Port and RS232 Serial Port. These standard features allow the user to export data from the incubator to any IBM compatible printer. They also provide for the remote monitoring of temperature and CO2 alarm conditions. An integrated clock indicates real time conditions. All control parameters, including calibration, can be accessed from the front mounted touchpad control panel. Designed to maximize precise control parameters and convenient operation, CEDCO CO2 incubators meet the exacting demands of today's life science researchers.


The Standard & Advanced Series Incubators are available in single chamber or vertical dual chamber configurations, with either a thermal conductivity or infrared CO2 control system.

Series 1510 & 1610 - Thermal Conductivity CO2 Control System

Thermal conductivity detector technology provides reliable automatic detection and control of CO2. The thermal conductivity sensor is ideally suited to longer term studies where the chamber door is opened less frequently. The sensor detects gas by measuring a minute resistance change in an electronic sensor circuit. The sensor is affected by changes in both relative humidity and temperature.


Series 1710 & 2110 - Infrared CO2 Control System

The infrared control sensor is capable of sensing a change in CO2 concentration as small as 0.1%. These sensors measure the level of gas directly by using passive infrared technology. Infrared sensors are unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity. This makes these models ideally suited to applications where the incubator door is being opened on a frequent basis.


Key Features of the Standard Series CO2 Incubators

  • Microprocessor Control
  • Proportional Temperature and CO2 Control
  • Digital Display of Temperature and CO2
  • Rapid Recovery
  • 6.7 Cu. Ft. Chamber
  • Radius Interior
  • Triple Wall Construction
  • Extra Large Waterjacket (18 gallons)
  • Quick Removable Interior
  • Autoclavable/Removable Door Gasket
  • Automatically Controlled Heated Door
  • Safety Monitors/Alarms
  • 18 Month Warranty

Additional Features of the Advanced Series CO2 Incubators

  • Built-In Tank Tender Cylinder Switch
  • CO2 Tank Empty Sensor/Alarm
  • Minimal CO2 Consumption
  • Digital Display of Relative Humidity
  • Real Time Clock
  • Parallel Printer Port
  • RS232 Port

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