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Harvey SterileMax Steam SterilizerHarvey SterileMax Steam Sterilizer

The SterileMax meets your need for a sterilizer with more chamber area, 17% more than traditional medical table top units, to be exact. The larger chamber can hold three two-liter flasks simultaneously, something no other table top sterilizer can claim. It also can hold large batches of instruments or softgoods, reducing the number of cycles you must run each day, saving you time and money!



  • Four preset cycles and customization of cycles to make the SterileMax adaptable to wrapped and unwrapped instruments, glassware, utensils, and most other sterilization requirements.
  • Removable racks and trays make cleaning easier.
  • Easy to set up and can be easily moved from lab to lab.
  • Built-in water pump maintains consistent water supply and accurate steam for every cycle.
  • Easy to read LCD display lets you view sterilization and diagnostic programs and displays all aspects of cycle for quick visual verification. LCD will display faults to indicate when sterilization has not been reached in the chamber.
  • Three locks on chamber door ensure safety. Door will not open until chamber is depressurized.
  • A built-in access port allows for easy and safe verification of temperature and pressure. The SterileMax is the only table top sterilizer with this feature.
  • Optional strip chart printer for a permanent record of your sterilization cycle.
  • The SterileMax is ASME, UL, and CUL approved.

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Sterilmatic Steam SterilizerSterilmatic Steam Sterilizer

Small on the outside, the Sterilmatic has as much inside capacity as many large, more costly conventional sterilizers and up to five times the capacity of smaller table top units. Economical, reliable, and simple to operate, the versatile Sterilmatic provides the highest standards of sterilizing performance in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories around the world.

Large Capacity
The big Sterilmatic chamber holds three trays of 12" x 20" x 2.5" size, or two bedpans. Fits on a 24" counter, or may be ordered with a stand.

For all requirements of safe and positive saturated steam sterilization: wrapped and unwrapped dressings, instruments, utensils, glassware, gloves, syringes, bedpans, discharge kits, and liquids.

Safe And Simplified Door Design
Self-sealing and self-aligning one-piece internal door can?t be opened until steam pressure is completely exhausted. Cumbersome radial arm construction is eliminated. The door locks itself automatically and positively.

Easy To Operate
Fill reservoir with water, load, close door, select exhaust cycle, and set time. Sterilizing cycle begins automatically when unit reaches temperature and pressure. Signal light stays on during sterilizing cycle. Unit shuts off and exhausts steam automatically.

Faster Preheat
Sterilmatic reaches sterilizing temperature in 8-10 minutes from a cold start and in 3-7 minutes when in continued use. Conventional counter autoclaves take three times as long. Sterilmatic provides twice as many sterilizing cycles, increasing daily output substantially. More Information . . .


MIDSCI is a full-service provider of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, with an emphasis on life science and Biotechnology research. In addition to Tissue Cell Culture Plastics for Tissue Cell Culture work, we also have a complete line of related products for Tissue Cell Culture such as Centrifuges, Cryogenics, Filtration, Medias, Refrigerators, Freezers, Water-Jacketed Incubators, Serum, ELISA/Immuno/AssayEIA/RIA Microplates, Hoods, Shakers, Gloves, Pipet Aids, basically most any product for Tissue Cell Culture.


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