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TPP Tissue Cell Culture FlasksTPP Tissue Cell Culture Flasks

Our new range of tissue culture flasks, available with filtered or vented caps, is the result of intensive cooperation between user experts and top development specialists. Great importance has been attached to the tissue culture properties of the flask, the accessibility of the flask's interior, and the cap closure. The inside surface treatment by TPP provides an optimal growth surface on the flask base for the most varied matrix-dependent tissue cultures. The untreated side and top inside surfaces reduce the amount of cell loss during the separation phases, because undesired tissue adhesion outside the growth zone is diminished. The flask's innovative shape is of such a design that devices inserted through the flask's neck have optimal access to the entire base surface. More information . . .

Tissue Cell Scrapers and Cell SpatulasTPP Tissue Cell Scrapers and Cell Spatulas

Our Tissue Cell scraper allows the gentle removal and harvesting of tissue cultures in all types of flasks, dishes and tubes. The special feature here is the twisting range of the blade that allows changes in blade angle while directly over the culture surface. The blade angle can be easily manipulated into even the most difficult of flask corners. Hence there is no need for scraper removal during the cell harvesting and cell collection process. More information . . .

TPP Tissue Culture Petri DishesTPP Tissue Culture Petri Dishes

Innovative features and outstanding cell growth properties make the TPP Tissue Culture Petri Dishes the ideal choice for adherent cell culture in research and industry. These optically clear, high-grade polystyrene dishes are tissue culture treated only on the base of the dish with a non-treated ring surrounding the growing surface to prevent cell attachment on the edge. A serrated ring around the bottom dish makes pick-up and handling of the dishes safe and easy, while also minimizing the risk of dish droppage due to lid/base disassembly.

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TPP Tissue Culture PlatesTPP Tissue Culture Plates

The new generation of Tissue Culture Plates from TPP is characterized by yellow strip marking areas and easy-to-read black-embossed, alpha-numeric writing. The cell growth surface treatment is limited to the well bottoms and offers optimal attachment and growth for the most varied types of cell lines. The untreated well walls also lead to a flattening of the liquid meniscus that forms, thereby reducing the diffusion of the light. This feature, along with the outstanding optical clarity of the well bottoms, makes these plates ideal for microscopic examination and spectroscopic measurements. Serrated areas on the sides of the plate and a slight excess in lid width make these plates easy to pick-up and facilitate lid removal. The lid itself is irreversable due to a shaped corner on the lid and plate.

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Tissue Cell Culture Peel-Off FlasksTPP Tissue Cell Culture Peel-Off Flasks

The new Peel-Off Tissue Culture Flasks from TPP feature a 150cm2 growth surface and a peel-off cover that allows direct access to the flask's growth surface. This unique feature makes cell retrieval easier and faster when compared to the typical, cumbersome task of retrieving cells through the neck of the flask. Also available is the 115cm2 with barrier (height 15mm) for almost square culture surface of 115cm2 (about 10 x 11cm). More information . . .

TPP Serological PipettesTPP Serological Pipettes

TPP Pipettes are high-quality disposable pipettes that can be used for a variety of applications. Each pipette is individually wrapped in a plastic, seal-tight wrapper and comes packaged in a space-saving, stackable dispenser box. Color coding on both the pipettes and the dispensers make it simple to determine the size/volume of each pipette. A tear-off strip in the front of the dispenser creates an opening that is large enough to permit quick and easy removal of the pipettes, while also providing a simple way to check how many pipettes there are remaining. More information . . .

FilterMax Vacuum SystemFilterMax Vacuum System

Filter More Faster "Vacuum Filtration at its Finest"

PES is the lowest protein binding membrane so there is less likelihood of removing vital protein components from your media. Hydrophilic with no need of external wetting agents or surfactants, resulting in low extractables. PED also has the advantage of offering better chemical resistance than cellulose acetate or nitrocellulose membranes. Unique square format provides a tremendous advantage of using 20% less storage space than similar volume circular brands.

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TPP Syringe FiltersTPP Syringe Filters

The new generation of PES Syringe Filters from TPP are 4 to 5 times faster than typical CA Membrane Filters and 3 times faster than competitors PES Membrane Filters, with very low protein binding. Highly recommended for sterile filtration of tissue cell culture media and biological solutions.

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TPP Flat Bottom Tissue Culture TubesTPP Flat Bottom Tissue Culture Tubes

The new TPP Flat Bottom Tissue Culture Tubes' innovative design combines the features of a tissue culture flask and a centrifuge tube into one unit, eliminating time-wasting transfer steps and making them the ideal addition to any lab's cell tissue cultureware. Each tube has a flat 10cm2 TC-treated growth surface and can be centrifuged in a standard 50ml centrifuge insert at up to 1,200 x g. The tubes' wide neck opening makes it easy to access the interior and their exceptional optical clarity allows for microscopic examination of tube contents. More information . . .

TPP Tissue Cell Culture Flask CapsTPP Tissue Cell Culture Flask Caps

Vented Caps: When the vented screw cap is tightened to the end position, the closed tissue culture flask is liquid and gas tight. By simply unscrewing the cap one quarter of a turn, the flask is in the "VENT" position, with the inside of the flask being aerated through a defined gap opening.

Filtered Caps: The TPP filter cap has a welded membrane in the cap cavity to offer free gas exchange without gas flow alteration. For optimal flask breathing, all membranes are proportionally dimensioned to each cap size. The microporous hydrophobic membrane (cytotoxic free) itself is constructed of 2 layers of membrane material based on a white acrylic copolymer over nylon support. More information . . .


MIDSCI is a full-service provider of Laboratory Equipment and Supplies, with an emphasis on life science and Biotechnology research. In addition to Tissue Cell Culture Plastics for Tissue Cell Culture work, we also have a complete line of related products for Tissue Cell Culture such as Centrifuges, Cryogenics, Filtration, Medias, Refrigerators, Freezers, Water-Jacketed Incubators, Serum, ELISA/Immuno/AssayEIA/RIA Microplates, Hoods, Shakers, Gloves, Pipet Aids, basically most any product for Tissue Cell Culture.


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